New blog—check it out


Probably won’t be updating this one much anymore

New blog—check it out

Probably won’t be updating this one much anymore



The perfect relationship.


Anonymous: What's the main difference (stylistically) between film photography and digital? I haven't really done much photography before and I'd like to start with a film camera, thoughts?

 They both essentially utilize the same techniques as in with framing editing and such, but of course film is more extreme in the sense that you as the photographer have control over every single factor, whether it is through the camera or through the outside environment, all the way until the film is produced. Digital photography and Photoshop make taking pictures a lot easier and more efficient nowadays (making it easier for people that suck at it to have their egos inflated thinking that having a nice camera makes them pro), but what I respect so much about film photography and its photographers is the patience and precision required to produce quality photos. 

I say that if you start with film photography and get decent at it, then picking up digital photography, if you choose to do so, will be a breeze for you. Have fun and good luck! :) 

And remember, always be your own worst critic. Please don’t become those people that think putting a crappy watermark and putting ‘Photography’ after their name makes them pro. I will judge you if you do that. Like not even kidding lol. 


Be Like Birch

So set a fire down in my soul

That I can’t contain, that I can’t control

I want more of You God, I want more of You




An Escape from the City

On my first Monday off as a soon-to-be-graduated high school senior, I spent the day with my friend Victor in his backyard. His backyard was literally a forest preserve and so for 3 hours he gladly showed me his favorite trees and ponds that he had encountered through his many treks into the woods.







If you look closely, that’s a baby deer in the midst of the grass. We nearly stepped on it and had heart attacks when we both noticed the brown tuft of fur in the green thicket. It was just about the most adorable thing I have ever encountered. The parents were nearby keeping watch as this little guy, according to Victor, didn’t even know how to stand yet.


Those three hours spent climbing trees, jumping creeks, and sitting on logs listening to the gazillion my friend had up his sleeve were incredibly relaxing. This makes me look forward to August when I can finally return to HoneyRock camp as an incoming freshman to Wheaton. :)

Anonymous: who/what are your fashion inspirations? like in the actual world of fashion, not the people you see at school, etc. but like magazines or blogs like the sartorialist?

Audrey Hepburn, Emma Watson, and Rumi Neely are the only names I can think of that give me inspiration from the actual world of fashion. Most of the fashion I see on the runway I have a hard time appreciating when I see them on emotionless and cookie cutter models. This is why I like seeing the clothing on fashion bloggers who have normal bodies haha.